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Corona Generation

The only NFT that speaks for itself. 


Let the Metaverse make a difference in the real world: We donate to Ukraine. 


The past two years have changed our lives forever. The Corona Generation NFT collection tells stories of people like you and me. The struggles we've been through and the ways we've changed. 

Initially, we wanted to donate the proceeds of minting to a Covid Relief fund to make a difference in the real world, while your virtual Corona Generation member and its story live on in the Metaverse.

UPDATE: Feb 27 - We will donate to Ukraine

Last week the world has changed again. That's why instead, we will donate to help those impacted by the war in Ukraine. Crypto donations are borderless and near-instant. By minting a Corona Generation Member, you will help a human in need in the real world. 

Combining personal stories, fundraisers and the Metaverse.

Our Story

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Mint now! (Active since Wednesday, March 2, 12PM PST!)

Our Members

The Corona Generation is limited to 10,000 members. All members are unique: No one looks like the other, and all of them have their very own story to share. Here a few examples:

Is there one like you?


Hi, I am Tammi Shoshana!

My whole apartment is full of plants. It's almost like a jungle! I was born in China and I moved abroad when I was 5. My culture means a lot to me. My girlfriend and I met on Tinder. Now we have a baby. I have trouble sleeping. I borrowed my baby's pacifier...

Don't tell anyone, but it works! My parents always make fun of me when I'm wearing my Airpods. I love them anyway.


I'm a huge fan of movies. "The last Samurai" is one of the most powerful films I know. I can really recommend it. Where did the time go? My twins are going to school next year!  

My new hobby is mountain biking. It's a little dangerous - But no risk, no fun!


My favorite food is potato fries. I also eat them for breakfast.

I got a denture recently. My dentist is really hip and recommended this rainbow one. What do you think?

This sweater is made from cashmere. I get compliments all the time. 

See you in the metaverse!


Get to know the project and prepare for minting.


Mint 1 Corona Generation member for free (transaction fee applies, ~500 members available for free) and mint more Corona Generation members for 32 MATIC each. All these proceeds go to Ukraine.

10% minted

First donation to Ukraine.

75% minted

Virtual meet-up for all owners of Corona Generation members.

100% minted

The remainder of the minting funds will be donated.


The Corona Generation will be revealed. Minting will cost 48 MATIC from then onwards. The collection will be visible on

20% of the royalty fees will go to Ukraine.


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About this special NFT Collection

Corona Generation NFTs make a difference in the real world. Each member of the Corona Generation is a little like you. 


Help Ukraine by minting a Corona Generation Member

When you mint a member, the funds will be donated to Ukraine,  making a difference in the life of people in need.  

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Corona Generation is the first NFT collection that not only has unique images, but also unique descriptions. This means every member looks unique and has their own story to share. 

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We have created more than 250 traits and trait descriptions which means there are millions of possible trait combinations.
Some members are rare, some even super rare.

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Members are stored on the Polygon Blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Everyone who mints has an equal chance of getting a combination of very rare or more common traits.


View Smart Contract

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Mint a member and help people in need in the Ukraine.

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