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"The only NFT that speaks for itself." What does that mean?

Most NFTs feature unique images. Members are created by combining different traits with different probabilities. In addition, all our Corona generation members introduce themselves. Each of them is telling a story that fits their appearance. 


How to mint a member?

Check out our How to mint page!

What's the supply? 

The Corona Generation is limited to 10,000 members. All of them are visually unique and have their own story to tell.

What are the rights when I own a member of the Corona Generation?

The owner gets the rights to use the members in commercial work such as creating stories, making merchandise, and creating physical artwork which can be used personally or sold and profited from. The owner is defined as the current owner as indicated by the blockchain.

What if I don't own any Cryptocurrency?

After installing Metamask, you can follow the instructions in our "How to mint section" to buy MATIC and add it to your wallet. 


What does it cost to mint a member?

Minting will cost 32 MATIC per member. After the reveal event, the price will increase to 48 MATIC. The first ~500 members are free. Make sure you grab one!


Why is the Corona Generation more environmentally friendly than other NFTs?

Maybe you have heard that Blockchain technology is consuming a ton of energy. This is true and not true. For smart contracts, Ethereum is used. Currently, Ethereum is still very energy-hungry. Therefore we Polygon as a Blockchain Technology. Polygon users a different consensus algorithm and saves around 99.95% of energy compared to Ethereum (see here).


On top, the transaction fees on Ethereum can get pretty expensive, sometimes up to $80. Polygon is using the proof of stake mechanism which is more environmentally friendly. Transaction fees on Polygon are only cents (at the time of writing). The currency for the Polygon network is called MATIC.

How do we calculate the reveal date and time

For several reasons, we want the reveal time to be a little random. We set a reveal time base date to Saturday, March 13, 1am UTC. As there is no true randomness on the Blockchain, we use another way: we will use statistics of the NHL Ice Hockey game of the Seahawks vs. the Anaheim Ducks to alter the base reveal time. For every goal scored, we will add 8h to our base reveal time. We will add up all the goal scorers’ jersey numbers and add so many minutes to the base reveal date. Also, we will add the assistants’ jersey numbers and use those as seconds we add to our base reveal date.



  • 3 goals scored → + 24h

  • Scorers wear jerseys 8, 14, 21 → + 43minutes

  • Assistants wear jerseys 1, 11, 32, 48, 50 (there can be multiple assistants) → + 142 seconds

  • Reveal date and time would be Sunday March 13, 1h 45m 22s am UTC

How is the base URI of the NFT images set?

We are not revealing the true baseURI with this contract. That means that the URL where you can see the Corona Generation metadata like the image and the properties is hidden in the beginning. That way, everyone has a fair chance to mint Corona Generation members with super rare (or not so rare) properties. We will set the baseURI when we reveal the Corona Generation. Important: 

  • the images and the image sequence cannot be changed as the SHA256 hash is submitted with this contract (see also the text at REVEAL)

  • the medatata (which token gets which image and which properties) cannot be changed as the metadata hash is also already submitted with this contract.

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